Garden learning with 300 students every spring and fall

Teaching kids how to feed themselves and how to live in a community responsibly is the center of an education.

-Alice Waters

Garden learning is fun! Cornucopia Project has been gardening with public and private schools and institutions for fifteen years. We want to help you bring garden learning to your school too.

School gardens connect students with where their food comes from.  Through growing and tasting healthy foods, children develop an understanding of and respect for the natural systems that sustain life. Garden learning is a powerful, exciting, inspiring and memorable way for children to explore interdisciplinary topics.

School Program

Cornucopia Project Educators show school children how to grow food while exploring interdisciplinary studies throughout the growing season.

The school garden program is available to schools and districts in New Hampshire, from preschool through fourth grade.

Classroom Garden Kits

Get growing with a Classroom Garden Kit. Let us provide everything you need to explore garden learning with your group.

You don’t need a school garden to get started, just a Classroom Garden Kit.

The garden school years

Kindergarten: The Explorers

Grades 1: The Garden Detectives

Grade 2: The Botanists

 Grade 3: The Garden Managers

 Grades 4 and 5: The Community Gardeners

Participating Schools

Antrim Elementary School
Dublin Consolidated School
Francestown Elementary School
Greenfield Elementary School
Hancock Elementary School
Peterborough Elementary School
Pierce Elementary School (Bennington)
Temple Elementary School
Symonds Elementary School
Walpole Village School
Kearsarge – New London
Mascoma Valley School District