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Hands-on Nutrition Education

The world needs Cornucopia Project

Imagine a world where every child is nourished by fresh, local food; and is inspirited and awed by nature.  The Cornucopia Project is not just a cause; it is an endeavor to redefine our relationship with food and nature while returning to our roots and our community. The result and the mission are healthy people, a healthy planet, and a sustainable future.

Join us as champions of change.

Cultivating Resilience

Our projects promote environmental sustainability, food security, and community resilience. With you on our team, we can dig in further and grow local solutions to the challenges facing our planet.

We all have a role to play in building a more sustainable food-future.  There are many ways to get involved.  Are you a student, a volunteer, a business partner? We welcome you to the Cornucopia Project.

feeding our community

Our work puts fresh, locally grown produce on the table for thousands.

Growing for Generations

With the power of hands-on education, we’ve been inspiring each generation to embrace sustainable choices and healthy eating habits, since 2005.

Cornucopia Project began with a small plot of land and one woman’s dream to connect kids to local healthy food.  Now Cornucopia Project provides garden education to nine elementary schools, offers youth cooking classes to hundreds and operates an Educational Farm in Peterborough, NH that supplies produce to families, restaurants, food pantries, community suppers, and schools. What started as a community garden is today a thriving nonprofit that provides hands-on nutrition education to four-thousand NH residents annually. 

growing community resilience

Planting Seeds for a lifetime of healthy eating

For 19 years, the Cornucopia Project has brought nutrition and horticulture based learning to students throughout southern New Hampshire with hands-on gardening and culinary lessons
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School gardens are a living outdoor classroom where children  grow,  eat and learn in harmony with nature.


Young chefs explore plant-based menus using local ingredients, with local chefs.


Students of all ages discover regenerative farming and uncover the beauty and wonder of sustainable food production.


We are connected by our shared need for a thriving food system and a healthy environment. Our work in the community and local partnerships feed the roots of community resilience.

We envision a resilient community that celebrates healthy food, hands-on learning and environmental sustainability.

Since 2005 the Cornucopia Project has led farm to school education for New Hampshire students. With healthy, local, sustainably-grown produce at the heart of all we do, the Cornucopia Project helps to build strong, healthy communities with agriculture-based nutrition education for children of all ages. We are growing the future leaders of a sustainable food system. Join us!

“Teaching the next generation the power of a seed in the ground? Priceless!”


“A wonderful organization! The Monadnock region is lucky to have them.”


“You’re doing such awesome work! Thank you! Keep up the good work-it’s all important!”