“If we choose healthy food there is a reciprocation. Not only (do) we feel better (and) are healthier, but the Earth is healthier.”

Kiss The Ground

The Cornucopia Project Educational Farm is located within walking distance to over one thousand students in grades five through twelve. The farm is easily accesible directly off of NH Route 202. Vegetables, herbs and flowers fill two acres and three high tunnels, supported by a quarter acre of native pollinator plant habitat.

Here, student farmers grow food for their school cafeterias, a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture),  local restaurants and donation to the local food pantry. Field trips, internships and community workshops are offered throughout the growing season.

Student Farmers

We’ll help you develop horticultural knowledge of regenerative and organic farming practices while producing nourishing produce. You’ll explore your own interests and gain new skills while making a positive impact on community health.

Student farmers may be eligible for high school or college credit. This is a paide work/study position. Request more information right here.

Field Trips

Bring your classroom, camp or club to the farm! We provide subject-based exploration, project facilitation and farm tours to youth groups.

Contact us for more information or to plan your visit. Scholarship funds are available and all student groups are welcome.