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Local Culinary Garlic

Plant garlic this fall! We have several varieties of garlic seed stock available. All varieties offered are ideal for planting in the Monadnock Region, NH. Student farmers worked with our Farm Manager to plant, grow and harvest these varieties. 2022 yielded us a superior garlic crop. We are offering the highest quality seed stock in limited quantities. This garlic is also ideal for culinary use; plant some and store some for your own use until your new crop is harvested next summer! Sold by the half pound for each variety. Detailed varietal information is below.

Pickup: pickup in Peterborough is available. Additional shipping charges will apply post purchase. If shipping is requested, please leave a note at checkout and you will be contacted shortly to make arrangements,



This is a hardneck garlic of the porcelain type that makes large heads with only 4-6 fat cloves per head.  Flavor is simple but strong.  This is our highest yielding strain per bulb, however a low clove count requires that more be held back for seed stock, compared to those with higher clove counts.  This variety stores well late winter or early spring if kept cool and dry. White (sometimes with a purple red blush) bulb with pinky brown clove skin.


This may be our new favorite.  One of the better yielding garlics with the highest total yield on seed weight planted.  Hardneck garlic of the Rocambole type, these are easy to peel but due to looser wrappers they may not store later than December.  Flavors are sweet and earthy but with a classic garlic punch. 6-10 cloves per head.


This garlic is also in the running a new favorite.  Hardneck garlic of the marbled purple stripe class, this garlic can make very large heads.  Also has a good harvest yield to seed ratio.  This is a hot garlic that roasts to a complex sweetness.  Interior bulb wrappers have lots of nice coloration.  Due to the very wet July we had this year these may not store past January, but normally these will store into spring.  5-8 cloves per head.

German Red

Hardneck rocambole type that stored really well in the winter of 2020, lasting until March.  Wrapper skins have some purple coloration with brown-red clover wrappers. Average sized heads.  Warm earthy and sweet flavor.  This garlic has a tendancy to produce double cloves – great for cooks but not so great for growers.  9 cloves per head.

German Extra Hardy

Hardneck porcelain type that is smaller than Music, but stores even longer, and has more upright foliage.  Very white wrapper skins. 6 cloves/head.