Wish List

Contribute to our Our Farm to Fork Capital Campaign: Help us develop our farm site into a fully-functioning farm research and education operation, which will include:

  • Constructing a well and 600′ farm road on the property
  • Building a processing shed for preparing vegetables for market and space for cool storage unit
  • Installing a heating system to support our 12 month operation
  • Installing a water catchment system and permanent compost infrastructure
  • Building a pollinator habitat to attract beneficial insects
  • Installing a permanent deer fencing system to protect our crops
  • Constructing a second hoop house on the property next spring

Make check payable to Cornucopia Project, 49 Vose Farm Road, Suite 110, Peterborough, NH  03458.  Note Farm to Fork Capital Campaign on your check.

The following would be greatly appreciated in this exciting new program:

  • Tools of every kind; Shovels, rakes, hoes (colinear, stirrup, and hilling), garden forks (regular and broad), trowels, scissors, harvesting knives, and crates or totes
  • Infrastructure: a shade tent, solar fencing, hoses, and lumber for tables etc.
  • Garden supplies: Floating row cover and hoops, compost, potting soil, mulch

Some things that would make our garden programming even more successful!

  • two  small garden carts for community garden and school projects
  • digital camera for outreach photographs (similar to Canon Eo5,  Rebel T1i)
  • fireproof office file safe
  • small shade/rain tent for gatherings and events