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2022 Spring Seedling Sale – Grown by Student Farmers

Please enjoy exploring our offerings. Select your quantity, check the buy box, and before leaving the page click on the “add to cart” button. You can then proceed to the next page of seedling listings. When you are done adding seedlings to your cart you will be able to edit your selections within your cart.

You will notice that varieties have two size options and some are available for “early spring pickup”.  There will be two pickup periods: one for early plants (early-May) and one for warmer-weather-tolerant plants (late-May). If you have questions, please email us at Admin@cornucopiaproject.org

The Seedling Sale is a fundraiser for the Student Farmer Program. 100% of proceeds directly support our high school student farmers in their paid work-study positions on the Educational Farm. We are committed to providing you with 100% satisfaction with your purchase.

Thank you for participating in our annual seedling sale!

Image Product Price Variation Quantity Buy
Nasturtium, Cherrelle

Short trailing type with runners to 3' with deep ruby pink blooms. Edible.

Nasturtium, Peach Melba

Pale yellow with orange centers. Bush type with prolific blooms. Edible.

Spinach, Early Spring

Mix of at least 2 varieties.

Nasturtium, Trailing Mix

Yellow, orange, and/or red blooms. Can "climb" if trained to 20' if trained. Iconic flower of the Isabella Stuart Gardner Museum. Great for large planters, hanging baskets or window boxes. Requires ample moisture. Spicy edible. Better seed source in 2023... last year's batch didn't consistently run long.

Flower - Dahlia - Cornell Bronze 3.5" deep pot

Cut flower type on 3-4' plants. Bronzy orange 3" blooms develop a pink undertone in cooler weather, lighter and more orange in hot weather. Blooms August through September. Plants started from our own saved tubers.

Cosmos, Picotee Mix

Large 6 pack. Airy plants with fern like foliage. Flowers are daisy like and white with a deep pink edge and a yellow center, though some are more white and some are more pink. Plants can get big! 3'-5' tall.

Local Culinary Garlic

Plant garlic this fall! We have several varieties of garlic seed stock available. All varieties offered are ideal for planting in the Monadnock Region, NH. Student farmers worked with our Farm Manager to plant, grow and harvest these varieties. 2022 yielded us a superior garlic crop. We are offering the highest quality seed stock in limited quantities. This garlic is also ideal for culinary use; plant some and store some for your own use until your new crop is harvested next summer! Sold by the half pound for each variety. Detailed varietal information is below. Pickup: pickup in Peterborough is available. Additional shipping charges will apply post purchase. If shipping is requested, please leave a note at checkout and you will be contacted shortly to make arrangements,

Vegetable - Cabbage - Farao Lg 6-pack

Green early season cabbage with 2-4lb heads.


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