Black Cherry Tomato

Heirloom. Brownish purple fruits with rich wine like flavor. Similar to Chocolate.


This heirloom variety of cherry tomato produces deep purple-brown color fruits! With a rich wine like flavor these cherry tomatoes will add color and flavor to your recipes. This variety is similar to “Chocolate” tomatoes. Available in two sizes for very early pickup.

Tomatoes are not frost hardy and tomatoes purchased for this pick-up are intended for protected growing at least through the end of month of May or until all threat of frost is passed. Temperatures above 55˚F and below 90˚F are ideal for growing tomatoes. Outdoor nighttime temperatures in May often drop below this threshold which may stunt, damage, or kill unprotected plants. These are medium to large plants ready to be planted in a large container or in-ground. Growing in a plastic tunnel, greenhouse or sunroom would be ideal. These are for Early Pickup only and cannot be transferred to a later pick-up date. and must be grown in a frost free environment in order to grow well and perform as expected.  This offering also includes four special high performance varieties that are available for an extra $0.75 per plant.