Three Sisters Garden

Native people across North America discovered that vegetable
plants can support each other’s growth and vitality. Specifically,
they discovered that corn, beans and squash plants have a very
unique relationship that allows for little human intervention. With
your class, learn how these plants form a symbiotic relationship
and discover how native people leveraged this to ensure a
bountiful harvest! Plant in your classroom in the spring, and
harvest in the fall! Pre-k to Grade 1.



About this lesson

Students will learn about the “Three Sisters” crops (corn, beans and squash) by investigating stories told by Native Peoples of North America depicting these crops as sisters. Students will then get an opportunity to plant these crops to see just how they work together to create a sustainable companionship. 

Ages: K-2

Duration: 30 minutes and on-going observation depending on planting choice. 

Location: Classroom or Garden

Season: Spring through Fall


  • Three Sisters Investigation  
  • Legends of the Three Sisters

School Garden In-ground Option 

  • Hoe, shovel and/or trowel 
  • Corn seeds
  • Beans seeds
  • Squash seeds
  • Soil Amendment

Container Garden Option

  • Large grow bag 
  • Soil 
  • Corn seeds
  • Beans seeds
  • Squash seeds