Planting Garlic Lesson

Classroom Garden Kits are a fun and easy ways to jump into farm to school learning. We provide everything you need for an enriching class or group experience. If you would like assistance or would like to request this kit at no cost please call or email us at Cornucopia Project.

About this lesson

In this classroom garden kit students will plant garlic cloves and
harvest them the following summer. Explore garlic anatomy and
history with this hands-on outdoor learning experience in your own

school garden! What’s Included: 2/3 heads of garlic, a standards-
based lesson plan, supported activities and plant-care instructions.

Plant the cloves in a sunny garden space in the fall and discover your
garlic plants in the spring.

Ages: Pre-k to Grade 1

Duration: 30 minutes and on-going observation depending on planting choice. 

Location: Classroom or Garden

Season: Fall through Summer