Beorange Slicing Tomato SPECIAL VARIETY

SPECIAL VARIETY. Hybrid orange slicer with 8oz fruits bred for tunnel and greenhouse production. Similar to the heirloom Valencia but with more consistant fruit quality and more productivity. (Note: may not perform outdoors well, bred for protected culture. Advance large orders of 3.5 inch pots in multiples of 18 are possible if ordered by Jan 15. Please contact our office if interested.)


Specially bred varieties in large pots for EARLY-Pickup. These varieties all have improved vigor, fruit quality, yield compared to other standard field hybrids or heirlooms. The increase in price for these varieties is due to the higher cost of seed. Note: Tomatoes are not frost hardy and tomatoes purchased for this pick-up are intended for protected growing at least through the end of month of May or until all threat of frost is passed. These are large plants ready to be planted in a large container or in ground. Growing in a plastic tunnel, greenhouse or sunroom would be ideal.


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