Our Mission



With locally-grown food at the heart of all we do, the Cornucopia Project helps to build strong, healthy communities by developing and delivering agriculture-based edible education programs to children as they grow, and by playing a leadership role in the local food movement.



School Gardens:  We support elementary grade science goals with hands-on, garden-based curriculum that connects kids to where their food comes from.

Cool Chefs Youth Cooking Classes:  We empower students with skills and tools they need to  prepare and cook fresh, healthy food.

Farm to Fork High School Agriculture Program:  Through real work, we build leadership and entrepreneurship skills  in the next generation of local food advocates.



It’s good for our Kids.  Studies show and experience proves that children eat what they grow.
Starting kids early on healthy foods builds good eating habits for life.

It’s good for our Families.  Children influence the eating habits of their families.  When kids ask for and eat more fruits and veggies, this often changes how families shop and ultimately, eat.

It’s good for our Community.  Engaging teens in growing and selling to local businesses supports our community and our economy.  It also builds a new generation of strong local leaders, entrepreneurs, and healthy food advocates.

It’s good for our Planet.  Sustainable practices utilize fewer precious natural resources and help rebuild the soil for future growing.  Growing and consuming local food minimizes our community’s carbon footprint, too!