Our Board

Board of Trustees

Leslie Lewis, Chair, Peterborough

Leslie is the Director of Paid Search at Website Publicity, with offices in downtown Peterborough and Manchester, NH. She moved to Peterborough in 2005 after 20-odd years working and living in New York City.  Living so long in the concrete canyons of NYC left her hungry for green spaces and rich earth, and she has turned her in-town backyard into an organic edible landscape of fruit trees, berry bushes and raised vegetable beds. If there was an advanced degree in Canning, she would have earned it.

Mike Lombard, Treasurer, Peterborough

Mike is the owner of Ideal Compost Co here in Peterborough, and he has been instrumental in the current focus on building healthy soils, healthy crops, and healthy kids in the school and community gardens at Cornucopia. He taught kindergarten and ran Happy Valley School for 12 years after receiving his teaching degree at Antioch. Mike grew up outside of Boston, and he has been fascinated with gardening ever since he was a child. An avid gardener and a perpetual student, Mike is focused enriching the soils to grow healthier food.

Sue Martin, Secretary, Peterborough

Sue is a retired teacher and social worker who has worked in New York city and New Hampshire.  She directed a summer camp (The Game of Village) for 18 years at her farm in New Boston, NH.  Sue is passionate about gardening, farming and community work.

Eva Ruutopold, Hancock

Eva has been self-employed as a Designer and Marketing Professional since 1990. Her extensive experience and skills have been called into service for businesses in finance, education, publishing, retail, and non-profits, as well as within advertising and design agencies.  In addition, she enjoys organizing fundraisers, seminars, and conventions for various groups and organizations.  An avid hiker and orienteerer, she lives in Hancock, NH, with her family.

Cathie Sage, Peterborough

Cathie came to NH in 1982 and has lived in Peterborough since 1987.  She owned and operated Sage with Thyme Catering for 11 years deciding to close the business in 2015 to spend more time with her husband and family, pursue other interests and relax!  Her passions include, cooking, Yoga, travel and time with friends.  Cathie also enjoys organic gardening, tending to 11 raised beds and an herb garden with the help of her chickens and 3 dogs.

Mike Stanley, Dublin

Mike has a passion in helping children of all ages appreciate all that the natural world has to offer.  Most notably, he was involved in Outward Bound for 18 years, working and supporting their mission of changing lives through challenge and discovery, while building more resilient and compassionate citizens. He currently serves on the Board of the Philadelphia Outward Bound School.  His enthusiasm for building, supporting and sustaining impactful youth programs led Mike to join the Cornucopia team.

Erin Taylor, Harrisville

Since growing up in the Monadnock Region, Erin has lived and worked in various parts of the US and the world, always with an eye on community development, particularly as it relates to food. With a lifelong passion for indigenous cuisine, she is excited to be supporting the Cornucopia Project’s development and initiatives.

Erin is currently Senior Manager of the Partner Solutions team for ES3, LLC, a leader of innovation and collaborative Supply Chain methodologies in the retail grocery industry, getting food to tables in the most efficient and environmentally conscious ways possible.